Pablo Ibáñez

Temas relacionados con el éxtasis y las drogas sintéticas
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Pablo Ibáñez

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Nothing is true, all this words are full of lies, :oops: chaaaaa
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ibar escribió:Nothing is true, all this words are full of lies, :oops: chaaaaa

You might have said: «Nothing is true, all of these words are full of lies». So, if you speak English, express yourself correctly, and in agreement with, or according to, the English Language's Rules. You are speaking or making use of the Language of Shakespeare, and you are using the Language of the Queen of the Great Britain just following the same way.

And this is my question: What is just the subject are you referring to? It should be there clearly exposed here on your speech a subject about which we could start or establish a sort of kind of discussion. Illustrate us with all of your knowledge, please. This would much appreciated. Thank you very much. With regard to me, I exactly do what I easily can or willingly I am able.

Sincerely yours. Best regards.
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Re: Pablo Ibanez

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Hola . Encontré su sitio web a través de Google en la búsqueda de una cuestión similar, su sitio web tiene aquí arriba. Parece buena . Tengo marcado en mis favoritos de google para volver más tarde.